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Here you will find Alltac stock items available for purchase online. We guarantee to our customers competitive pricing on our comprehensive range of products ready to be shipped Australia wide.

Ongoing and volume sales welcome. Please call our customer service hotline on 1300 255 822 to discuss you requirements. Alternately, please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For further detailed information or specifications on any of our stock or non-stock items please click here


We stock the following stair nose and stair treads – they are of the highest quality and very competitive in price.

allgrip anti slip stair nosings


We have a wide range of tactiles and tactile indicators available.

Stainless steel, hazard, 10 ring, 300×600mm screw in for carpet - 20 pack tactile indicator plate

Tactile indicator 10 ring, brass, 12mm stud - 72 pack



Our non slip tapes satisfy virtually all requirements and are inexpensive.


Own treatments are manufactured in house can be applied to tiles, baths, showers, indoor/outdoor tiled areas, i.e., virtually any ceramic surface.  They provide a micro etch that is not obvious to the eye, but provides a non slip surface.  The chemicals used are both environmentally friendly and safe to apply, and can be applied DIY.


Anti slip cleaners

We sell a general purpose cleaner (GPC) and a heavy duty anti slip maintenance cleaner (AMC).  They are very concentrated and will remove the heaviest fatty and stained deposits from floors, toilets, bench tops, etc.  If AMC is used continuously after our anti slip treatment, we will warranty the slip resistance of your floor.


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